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Let's Doo This! 1.3

1.2 <- 1,3 -> 1.4

Hi guys! I'm back! It hasn't quite been a week since the last Doo update, but I want to get it back on track to getting this posted on Saturday/Sunday. I also have been lazy about organizing the Lancaster BaCC updates, but I have all of week two sitting there to be organized and uploaded. I worked a lot last week. I also started another legacy house that will eventually be added to the rotation! So look forward to all that coming soon ;)

Last time in the Doo family house Ditzy witnessed her first snowfall and was super excited about it. Zahir moved in and they (very) quickly got married, got pregnant and started having babies. Spike was born. A garden was started for our crazy nature sim. There was some nasty plate licking. Twilight Sparkle was born. Ditzy got pregnant again and we left off with child Spike playing with his friend Virginia.

We start off this update with Zahir at the damn telescope and he was just minding his own business when something came down ove him.

Zahir: Is that a comet?

Zahir: Wow, that's a really bright light...where is that coming from?

Ummm...hunny I think you should probably move...like run away...fast.

He doesn't want to go into the light!

Spike, who was only a few feet away from the abduction site has better things to do with his time, like teaching Alegra how to sit up.

Ditzy watches from the sideline as she sprays her trees.

You know, I thought the ladybug house was supposed to keep the plants from getting infested...

Oh look, Zahir is back!!

Zahir: My bum....

You know...you didn't land on your bum right? It hurts for a totally different reason.

I'm sorry the sound of the aliens returning your father is distrupting your life Spike...He only was stolen away and had whoknowswhat done to him, the noise is the worse thing that's ever happened in the history of things happening...I'm sorry.

Ditzy just looks happy doesn't she?

He just realized what had happened to him, it's all sinking in...

He's pretty distraught about it. It'll be okay baby...maybe....probably....not really...

I interrupt the horrible happenings to bring you Twilight playing with her blocks, being a good little baby and minding her own business. I think she's pretty adorable.

Zahir: I'm not feeling well....


Zahir: Is this what mornign sickness feels like?


Ditzy is still hard at work on her garden, I plan to expand it more when we have the money for it as she's always rolling wants for it.

Ditzy: Excuse me, I think I am having a baby!

Yes you are!!!
Baby tiiiiiiiiiime!

Once again, Spike cares not for anything going on around him, he is doing his homework like a good child.

And here we have a girl! She has Ditzy's skin, blue eyes, and Zahir's brown hair. I named her Applejack!

And this is her identical twin sister! This one is Fluttershy.

Ditzy is quite fond of Applejack, she sort of favors her over Fluttershy right now.

Spike and Alegra have become best buddies and they play together at all hours,

More proof that Ditzy favors Applejack. We had to put her crib in their bedroom as there wasn't room in the nursery. We are too broke to expand but we are desperately needing it @_@

Oh look! Zahir's first pop!!!
Looks like Ditzy is needing to pull weeds in her garden.

Spike: Look Mom! I got an A+ on my report card.
Ditzy: Uh, that's nice...but I'm busy here child...
Spike: Aren't you proud of me?
Ditzy: I'm catching spiders, I can't do that and be proud of you at the same time.

She just went back to catching bugs and never once praised her child. How rude.

It's birthday time for Twilight, and Ditzy stops catching bugs long enough to witness her eldest daughter's birthday. But she doesn't look particularly thrilled to be there.

Ditzy: I wonder if there are any spiders out right now....

Child Twilight before her outfit change.

Oh look, more birthdays, this time it's the twins' turn and Ditzy looks more happy to be there!

Here's Applejack.

And her twin, like literally, Fluttershy.

This shot is to show that Zahir and Ditzy are good parents are despite being pleasure sims, both roll wants to teach the twins their toddler skills. Of course Ditzy is all over Applejack and Zahir teaches Fluttershy to talk.

Applejack loves Alegra too! And this is to show her toddler makeover. I decided to give her a pony tail like her namesake, I think it fits her personally.

Fluttershy got her mother's...unfortunately eyes and so I gave her glasses.
She does not want to talk.

Zahir looks defeated...but he keeps at it anyways, he remembers that toddlers can be stubborn but will eventually give in.

I'm not sure that's a smart thing to do to your pregnant husband...unless you are trying to get rid of the alien spawn he carries...I hope you're not that dark...

Like mother like son?
Ugh, I need to figure out how to make ceilings, I am so sick of pictures like this, it looks horrible and it drives me crazy...

A.J.: Daddy!
Zahir: Hi Applejack.

So cute. Though knowing her the way I do now, she's probably pointing out how fat he looks rather then being a sweet little girl.

I just wanted to show off how well-behaved the kids are are the current time.

Zahir loves his little Apple too, enough to give into her play with me whims and manage to not impale her with any walls or the high chair.

Spike's smustle face!
I have a great love for the Smustle, it is a fun little dance with aspects of Thriller so of course I love it lol
I also love that it can be danced to any music, it makes it a universal dance and great for bringing everyone together.

I find it amusing that Zahir goes into labor at the telescope. Irony right?
Twilight is coming running to see what he's yelling about.

Zahir: Oh dear Simgoddess this hurts!

I have no sympathy...

Not sure if she's excited for the baby, terrified her father is having said baby, or if she's pocessed by a demon...

Ditzy is more concerned about her dying bean poles.
I seriously can't get anything to grow in these two plots and I have no idea why. Everything else is thriving and these are just dead...

We have a boy! He has Zahir's eyes and skin, but his PT's black hair.
Now...even though they are not heir elligible since they are Zahir's spawn and not Ditzy's I wanted to hold the naming theme, but I didn't want to waste "good" names on them, so he got an oddball name.

Say hello to Hayseed Turnip Truck!
And yes, that's a pony....


And that nigt he gets himself abducted again -sigh-
You don't have to look to happy about it...

Doesn't he look pleased with this whole thing?

Twilight: I wonder if I can see Daddy from here...

Oh Twily, I don't know if you want to see your daddy from here.

And he's back!
I was done with kids after the twins, but no...they always screw up my plans and do this crap to me. For once I would like a first generation of a legacy not have alien babies...whatever.

Zahir, who has no mechanical points, is attempting to fix the garbage disposal. He fares well but I wouldn't want to stick my head in there, but hey, that's just me...

What's he up to now?

Birthday time!
He wants to throw a party, but it's not much of a party since I can only invite two people, but whatever he wants right?

Applejack goes first and surprise surprise, Ditzy is aging her up!

Pretty cute!
I still think that her pony tail suits her.

Next up is Fluttershy!

And apparently, this child's birthday is too loud for the non-existant neighbors.
No seriously...as of this, they are the ONLY house in the whole neighborhood. It wasn't until later that I decided to turn Lancaster into a BaCC and just not include this house in it.

Here's Fluttershy before her redress.

It's Hayseed's birthday too !

Um, I'm not sure about his poor little face, hopefully he grows out of it...
Spoiler: He doesn't....

Applejack is so worn out that she passes out in her parents bed. Okay then...

Alegra, excuse me, I am trying to get a picture of Hayseed's first word being Daddy! Please move?

Invisipop #1!

O.o; oh wow....Alegra and the mail lady are being....friendly to each other? Holy crap! I had to take a phot as evidence, because I didn't believe it!

Zahir continues to be a wonderful daddy.

Twilight comes home waving her A+ around like it's gold!
True to her namesake!

After homework, she goes straight to playing with Alegra.
Really, it's nothing special, but I feel bad when I forget about the pets, so I am trying to include them more often when I can interject them.

Guess what? More birthdays!!

Spike: I wish to be handsome
Fluttershy: Fat chance....

Fluttershy cares not for your birthday, she wants the book.

Teenageer Spike.
He rolled knowledge and romance.

I grew Virginia up with him because he brought her home all the time so I thought he could have a little something something with her but you'll never see her again as he suddenly stopped bringing her home, so nevermind there.

The twins are pretty close together and are always playing together, I thought this was too cute though.

Ditzy: This photo perfectly captures the essance of the gooey melted goodness of cheese and the fluffy softness of bread. I approve of this painting.

I hope so, you painted the damn thing.

Smustle party in the living room!!
Twilight looks unsure of herself.

Pop #2!

We will end this update with Julien coming over to pick on the pregnant guy!


I only wanted four freaking kids this round but whatever...
I love alien babies, don't get me wrong, but sometimes they just come at the wrong time. This was one of those times, but hey...


( 6 comments — Leave a comment )
Sep. 20th, 2015 06:52 pm (UTC)
I thought it was hilarious when Zahir was taken by the aliens, and nobody reacted even if they were outside! lol My sims alway stops what they were doing to go out to freak out, even if they are busy inside.

Ditzy: I'm catching spiders, I can't do that and be proud of you at the same time.

LOL Nobody cares about anyone in this family!

I have a great love for the Smustle, it is a fun little dance with aspects of Thriller so of course I love it. lol

I love it too :D

I find it amusing that Zahir goes into labor at the telescope. Irony right?

LOL True!

Haha, yeah Zahir looked super happy to be abducted the second time. My sims stills looks scared even if they roll the want to be abducted 5 times! lol

Spike: I wish to be handsome
Fluttershy: Fat chance....

LOL Poor Spike. Funny update :D
Sep. 20th, 2015 07:20 pm (UTC)

Zahir's face was stuck like that for a while too. He was happy about everything and I was amused. But I have had Sims stuck with worse...once I had a guy get abducted and come back with playing cards stuck in his head.

Oct. 5th, 2015 02:43 am (UTC)
Holy children, Batman! I completely get it though. I love genetics, so the more kids, the better. Both girls are so cute! Even though one of them has the wonky eyes. lol.
Oct. 5th, 2015 02:49 am (UTC)

Fluttershy was actually my favorite. She got cuter later when I fixed her eyes so they were crossed. And I love kids, I rare have less then two and I sometimes do then ten for family sims. Lol

Oct. 5th, 2015 03:28 am (UTC)
I love kids too. The genetics are my favourite part of the game, so I love large families. I'm trying to hold back in my game, since with the BaCC, I can't just send the spares away. lol.

But yeah, adorable girls. It's too bad the boys didn't fare as well. lol.
Oct. 5th, 2015 03:36 am (UTC)

Yeah...that will be the hardest part of a BaCC for me. I will have to limit my kids like a lot....i would end up with twenty thousand households really fast.

( 6 comments — Leave a comment )