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Let's Doo This! 1.2

1.1 <- 1.2 -> 1.3

Welcome back to the Doo Legacy! So I walk my kids to school every morning (except Mondays when I work too early) and today there was this palm tree just filled with birds, very loud birds. My son made a quip about them being on Twitter. When we got closer I noticed they were BRIGHT green! Now we have a lot of birds here in Arizona but I have never seen birds that color outside the zoo or the pet store. Turns out, they are called Rosey Faced Lovebirds, and they are so adorable I want a couple! It was just a cool little thing that made me wish I had my camera with me because my phone just doesn't cut it for things like that. But anyways, onwards to the update!

Last time we watched as Ditzy got a rocky start, while she had walls, a roof, flooring and a bed...she didn't have luck with the whole interacting with other sims thing. However, she did manage to find herself a boyfriend in cecile_k's Zahir Florence. Not too much happened besides them woohooing outside in the yard, but hey when you don't have room in your tiny house, where else is the bed going to go?

So we start off this chapter with Ditzy's first snowfall, she's super excited obiously. It also turns out she loves the winter because whenever it snows she always rolls wants to play in it some how.

She immediantly goes outside to build herself a snowman!

Zahir is being sneaky. Though I am not entirely sure why considering Ditzy called and invited him over...

Alegra does not like Zahir and his apparently sneaky ways, she growls at him every chance she gets.

Ditzy invited him over to ask if he wanted to move in, he said yes and Ditzy was super happy about it!

With the little bit of money he brings in ($12,000 I think) we upgrade the house a little bit so there's actually room to grow around here.

Once he's moved in they waste no time getting down to it. Ditzy wasted enough of her life trying to find him, there's no sense in waiting to get engaged and married! So welcome to the family Zahir, you might loose your mind around this one.

And because what else do you do when you get married? Nothing! I opted out of sending them on a honeymoon because they are too broke for that...and I want babies like last week sooooo...yeah, my founder is not loved.

Zahir got her on the first try!

I'm telling you, this sim loves the snow, she always want snowball fights and snowmen and snowangels, it's a wonder she doesn't freeze. Just be carefuly, you are carrying a little sim so don't trow too hard!!

Ditzy's pregnancy has been mild, minus the fact she is always freaking hungry!

Ditzy: I'm eating for two now!

Yeah well, that expression is dumb because the second one is super tiny and really doesn't need that much extra intake...just saying.

Pop #1!
And in her undies. She spends a good portion of her pregnancy in her undies...not sure why.

Zahir is excited about the new addition that's on the way. He's so adorable!

Zahir: I don't see any zombies....

Ditzy: My mistake! BAM!

At least she isn't in her undies in the snow...

Pop #2, complete with magical dust!

And then nothing happened and my stupid pregnant sims mod makes her have a invisible belly for labor, booo.

It's a boy! He's got all Zahir in him. And as I said before, all babies will be given MLP names so welcome Spike to the family!

Ditzy is a pretty good mom for being a pleasure Sim, Spike never really touches the floor, which I am always shocked when it happens. Usually my sims have a baby and then dump them onto the floor to go on with their day. XD

Alegra is starting to warm up to Zahir, which is cool because while they trained her to behave in every way execpt being mean to people! I don't know what he did but it worked, so good for him!

Um what are you doing?

Ditzy: Mmmmm grilled cheese crumbs ^_^


Yes..she's licking clean a plate of rotting grilled cheese....ew.....

Well, our little nature Sim rolled the want to start a garden so with the little bit of money they had been saving I built her a green house!

Zahir wanted a telescope. I am going to regret this...

Oh look, Ditzy is pregnant again!

But Zahir still loves her even though she's fat, I mean pregnant an slacking on her slacker job! ;)

This is really just to show that Ditzy still enjoys catching bugs, she does it on her own quite often, despite all the things to do inside.

Ditzy: I still need spiders for my collection.

She is one sim I actually have their bug collection hanging up.

Pop number two comes around while playing video games with her husband. Zahir wants to be a celebrity chef by the way, don't think I mentioned that.

Shortly after her pop, it's Spikes birthday! There is much excitement in the tiny house.

And he grows up into ugly hair...but he looks a lot like his dad. Maybe it's the skin, I dunno.

Ditzy: Say "Teddy Bear"
Spike: Teddy Burr

Yay! On the first go around even lol

And then after that he sort of checks out on the whole talking thing.

And then I realized that Zahir was in the red from not playing enough and he's on the brink of loosing his mind. See? I told him....

I'm not sure, but bashing that on the floor is probably not the proper way to play with that toy.
Also, this toy is super creepy...and I never noticed until now.

Just Spike being a good little toddler!

Babytime again!
In the background Spike and Alegra are easing into a friendship.

We welcome a little girl! We named her Twilight Sparkle, and she has Ditzy's blue eyes, her skin but Zahir's brown hair.

Zahir is pretty sad, so he didn't react to the baby at all...I need to fix him.

So some father/son dancey dance time is cued! I love dancing toddlers, they are so adorable!

Alegra, despite not liking anyone who passes by, or Zahir really...is great with the kids, as you will see.

Zahir is a good daddy too, feeding the baby and stuff.

I take it back...he dropped her on the floor and Spike stole her bottle.

Alegra is not fond of this mail lady, she has trouble every time she delivers the bills.

More undie pregnancy pops!

It's time for some birthdays! Spike is up first!

He's pretty cute, though I am starting to hate those droopy looking eyes. It doesn't look bad on Zahir but for some reason it's bad on Spike...oh well.

Up next is Twilight!

Zahir: God I'm getting old!

Aww she's pretty cute!

She seems disinteresting in walking but Zahir is determined to teach her!

Random lightning fire and Zahir is the only one who cares because he was at the damn telescope when it happened. The rain put it out so no big deal.

Apparetly Twilight doesn't want to learn any toddler skills....

Another pop!

Spike and Alegra are buddies, they are super adorable together!

And we end this update with Spike beating the snot out of his friend from school at a game and not caring that he's going to make a girl cry!


I started my BaCC too, and that'll go up between posts of this I think, since I can only post on PT every so often, it'll keep me busy or whatever XD but if you wanna check that out, just head to the archive!


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Sep. 16th, 2015 05:04 am (UTC)
Yes..she's licking clean a plate of rotting grilled cheese....ew.....

LOL Yummy... That was my favorite part.

Great update :)
Sep. 16th, 2015 01:03 pm (UTC)

I didn't even know they could do that lol

Sep. 21st, 2015 04:33 pm (UTC)
I found your journal through simplesimphony and I just finished reading your Doo legacy. Looking great so far! :D I'm gonna add you as a friend so I can keep track of your legacy and other posts you might make. I haven't gotten into reading your BaCC yet but I got a climpse and it looks really interesting as I love anthros! And I find it very cute and amusing that you're naming your legacy sims after MLP, hehe. :D

Ha, I always giggle at my male sims who get abducted and then rub their butts after their return. xD
Also what you said about Mrs. Crumplebottom's obvious drinking problem, I've noticed it too! If a community lot has a bar she always goes for a drink.

I'm so happy to find other people who still enjoy playing sims 2 and I love reading legacies and other challenges people come up with. Those just make me enjoy the game even more. ^^
Sep. 21st, 2015 07:34 pm (UTC)

I tried Sims 3 and I ended up hating it. It looked weird and yeah...so I went back to 2 where I have all the EPs and I am only missing a couple SPs.

Oct. 4th, 2015 07:27 pm (UTC)
Wow, your sims have already done more in this update than mine do in a whole generation. lol. Loving it so far! Now I'm going to go catch up on more. XD
Oct. 4th, 2015 09:43 pm (UTC)

Sadly my computer drowned so they are all dead. I ordered a new computer the other day so I am waiting for it to come in...I the mean time I am using my hubby's computer to download all my CC onto a flash drive while I wait.

Feb. 25th, 2016 02:46 pm (UTC)
Awe! Cute story that I randomly happened past! :)
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