Small Update and Opinions

Hello again everyone! I just wanted to post a small update about things happening in my Sims world. I have gotten my new computer, I have my game installed...minus the Pets EP because I opened the case and the desk was gone. I think my sister has it but she can't seem to find the time to look for it for me...she's "too busy" going out and drinking with her friends or whatever to take five minutes to look for it. And I asked her Sunday. Maybe I shouldn't be annoyed as much as I am, but I drop whatever I am doing to look for something or whatever when someone asks me so I guess I think others should do the same.I am waiting for her to get back to me to let me know if I can come over and get it or if I have to order a new I haven't gotten in game yet because i don't want to start a game and everything get erased because I will forget to back it up.

So I have been collecting CC since Sunday, when I'm not working, and have been downloading it. I am nearly done, I just have to get adult male and elder clothing for both, neighborhood maps, furniture stuffs and all my mods/defaults. I also need to figure out how to get default faces to work...I had it once but last play through I never could get them to work. I got one to show up in CAS but never in game. For example, Ditzy was SUPPOSED to be a big eared elf. AND then I need to unzip and label everything. OH...and sims....still need that too.

HOPEFULLY I will be done by the end of the month lol! I got so impatient I got VIP for TSR for a month -holds out hand- I know I deserve to be slapped, but a lot of my favorite things are there and I don't have the time to wait for downloads and figured the $3.50 was worth not getting pissed at the computer. So you know, I want to raid it as much as possible until the 3rd.

So when November comes around I will hopefully have stuff for posting! I have a few things planned but what do you guys want to see first? Besides the BaCC because that's coming first thing.

Poll #2024958 Pinkie

What would you like to see first?

Game Board Legacy
Ditzy Retry
Other (Let me know in Comments)


Yesterday was my birthday and today I placed an order for a new (refurbished) computer because I am poor and fixing mine would be too much. It won't be the greatest computer in the world, but I just need it to run my Sims 2 so it'll do! So I should have that by the 13th!

After that I will have to refind all my mods (and I just found new ones I didn't get to test) and at least some of my custom content. I think I am going to be smart about this, I think I will get a new USB and keep a copy of all my CC on that...just in case. It's going to suck....a lot, but it'll give my game a fresh start so there's that. If you have anything cool I should have..let me know!

So in the next couple weeks I will be back up and running with new Sims and stories! I found a couple things I want to do.

- Build a City, may or may not have the same back story as Lancaster. I really liked it, what do you think?
- Alphabecy
- Game board Challenge
- ISBI, I read one and I want to fail miserably at it. I micromanage,  so it'll actually be a challenge.
- Awesomesauce, it looked fun
- Rainbow Legacy
- Sim making things, a found a couple of sim making themes that I thought would be super fun

I also have to rebuild a lot of houses that I spent a good amount of time on, luckily I saved all the plans! I might put them up for downloads if people want them, we will see. I want to try and build some nice community shops and such too.

Yeah....I am going through Sim Withdrawl and I have lots of me....

Insert Funeral March Here

I am sad to announce the death of my laptop. Shortly after the post of my last Doo Legacy update, there was an incident involving a glass of watet and a dog that rendered my computer unable to type. After a couple days of drying we discovered it alsk rendered my computer unable to charge amd thus turn on. And so I pronounced it dead....and thus my Legacy anf BaCC dead as well...I lost pictures (most on my phone still but I lost vacation pictures from my two trips to San Diego but thank god for Facebook), music, and everything having to do with Sims, because I wasn't able to find my usb to back up my files like I wanted. Funny how my random thoughts suddenly turn into premonitions. Just kidding. I was just about to upload all the Doo family and BaCC founders to mediafire but it had to wait until after work but it would never come. I lost all the houses I had spent god only knows how many hourse planning, building, and packaging for use in my neighborhoods. Not to mention all my CC. All gone and I am sad. The only thing I did not loose was all of my art (I draw...a lot) file because those have their own storage because I have had a computer blow up on me before thanks to children.

But there's a light at the end of this depressing tunnel my friends. My birthday is coming up and my husband...he is a wonderful man. He knew how upset I was so he is helping me get a new computer as a present. So I may have a new computer in a couple weeks. He told me he was thinking of games and stuff for Disney Infinity (another obsession) for me but decided that this might be a better option. I love him so much, he's the best thing ever and oooh I just wanna pounce him! While I am NOT looking forward to collecting all my CC all over again or all the Sims from you lovely LJ people I will be back!

The Doo Legacy is dead. Lancaster got hit by an unexplained plague that aliens just could not handle. But there will be new amd hopefully better things to come!

This will be an opportunity to create a BaCC right!  Get this "clean" neighborhood thing correct. I will be around to read what everyone I follow is up to, thank god for smart phones amiright? Hopefully I won't be out for too long! Sorry guys!

Let's Doo This! 1.3

1.2 <- 1,3 -> 1.4

Hi guys! I'm back! It hasn't quite been a week since the last Doo update, but I want to get it back on track to getting this posted on Saturday/Sunday. I also have been lazy about organizing the Lancaster BaCC updates, but I have all of week two sitting there to be organized and uploaded. I worked a lot last week. I also started another legacy house that will eventually be added to the rotation! So look forward to all that coming soon ;)

Last time in the Doo family house Ditzy witnessed her first snowfall and was super excited about it. Zahir moved in and they (very) quickly got married, got pregnant and started having babies. Spike was born. A garden was started for our crazy nature sim. There was some nasty plate licking. Twilight Sparkle was born. Ditzy got pregnant again and we left off with child Spike playing with his friend Virginia.

We start off this update with Zahir at the damn telescope and he was just minding his own business when something came down ove him.

Zahir: Is that a comet?

Zahir: Wow, that's a really bright light...where is that coming from?

Ummm...hunny I think you should probably run

He doesn't want to go into the light!

Spike, who was only a few feet away from the abduction site has better things to do with his time, like teaching Alegra how to sit up.

Ditzy watches from the sideline as she sprays her trees.

You know, I thought the ladybug house was supposed to keep the plants from getting infested...

Oh look, Zahir is back!!

Zahir: My bum....

You didn't land on your bum right? It hurts for a totally different reason.

I'm sorry the sound of the aliens returning your father is distrupting your life Spike...He only was stolen away and had whoknowswhat done to him, the noise is the worse thing that's ever happened in the history of things happening...I'm sorry.

Ditzy just looks happy doesn't she?

He just realized what had happened to him, it's all sinking in...

He's pretty distraught about it. It'll be okay baby...maybe....probably....not really...

I interrupt the horrible happenings to bring you Twilight playing with her blocks, being a good little baby and minding her own business. I think she's pretty adorable.

Zahir: I'm not feeling well....


Zahir: Is this what mornign sickness feels like?


Ditzy is still hard at work on her garden, I plan to expand it more when we have the money for it as she's always rolling wants for it.

Ditzy: Excuse me, I think I am having a baby!

Yes you are!!!
Baby tiiiiiiiiiime!

Once again, Spike cares not for anything going on around him, he is doing his homework like a good child.

And here we have a girl! She has Ditzy's skin, blue eyes, and Zahir's brown hair. I named her Applejack!

And this is her identical twin sister! This one is Fluttershy.

Ditzy is quite fond of Applejack, she sort of favors her over Fluttershy right now.

Spike and Alegra have become best buddies and they play together at all hours,

More proof that Ditzy favors Applejack. We had to put her crib in their bedroom as there wasn't room in the nursery. We are too broke to expand but we are desperately needing it @_@

Oh look! Zahir's first pop!!!
Looks like Ditzy is needing to pull weeds in her garden.

Spike: Look Mom! I got an A+ on my report card.
Ditzy: Uh, that's nice...but I'm busy here child...
Spike: Aren't you proud of me?
Ditzy: I'm catching spiders, I can't do that and be proud of you at the same time.

She just went back to catching bugs and never once praised her child. How rude.

It's birthday time for Twilight, and Ditzy stops catching bugs long enough to witness her eldest daughter's birthday. But she doesn't look particularly thrilled to be there.

Ditzy: I wonder if there are any spiders out right now....

Child Twilight before her outfit change.

Oh look, more birthdays, this time it's the twins' turn and Ditzy looks more happy to be there!

Here's Applejack.

And her twin, like literally, Fluttershy.

This shot is to show that Zahir and Ditzy are good parents are despite being pleasure sims, both roll wants to teach the twins their toddler skills. Of course Ditzy is all over Applejack and Zahir teaches Fluttershy to talk.

Applejack loves Alegra too! And this is to show her toddler makeover. I decided to give her a pony tail like her namesake, I think it fits her personally.

Fluttershy got her mother's...unfortunately eyes and so I gave her glasses.
She does not want to talk.

Zahir looks defeated...but he keeps at it anyways, he remembers that toddlers can be stubborn but will eventually give in.

I'm not sure that's a smart thing to do to your pregnant husband...unless you are trying to get rid of the alien spawn he carries...I hope you're not that dark...

Like mother like son?
Ugh, I need to figure out how to make ceilings, I am so sick of pictures like this, it looks horrible and it drives me crazy...

A.J.: Daddy!
Zahir: Hi Applejack.

So cute. Though knowing her the way I do now, she's probably pointing out how fat he looks rather then being a sweet little girl.

I just wanted to show off how well-behaved the kids are are the current time.

Zahir loves his little Apple too, enough to give into her play with me whims and manage to not impale her with any walls or the high chair.

Spike's smustle face!
I have a great love for the Smustle, it is a fun little dance with aspects of Thriller so of course I love it lol
I also love that it can be danced to any music, it makes it a universal dance and great for bringing everyone together.

I find it amusing that Zahir goes into labor at the telescope. Irony right?
Twilight is coming running to see what he's yelling about.

Zahir: Oh dear Simgoddess this hurts!

I have no sympathy...

Not sure if she's excited for the baby, terrified her father is having said baby, or if she's pocessed by a demon...

Ditzy is more concerned about her dying bean poles.
I seriously can't get anything to grow in these two plots and I have no idea why. Everything else is thriving and these are just dead...

We have a boy! He has Zahir's eyes and skin, but his PT's black hair.
Now...even though they are not heir elligible since they are Zahir's spawn and not Ditzy's I wanted to hold the naming theme, but I didn't want to waste "good" names on them, so he got an oddball name.

Say hello to Hayseed Turnip Truck!
And yes, that's a pony....


And that nigt he gets himself abducted again -sigh-
You don't have to look to happy about it...

Doesn't he look pleased with this whole thing?

Twilight: I wonder if I can see Daddy from here...

Oh Twily, I don't know if you want to see your daddy from here.

And he's back!
I was done with kids after the twins, but no...they always screw up my plans and do this crap to me. For once I would like a first generation of a legacy not have alien babies...whatever.

Zahir, who has no mechanical points, is attempting to fix the garbage disposal. He fares well but I wouldn't want to stick my head in there, but hey, that's just me...

What's he up to now?

Birthday time!
He wants to throw a party, but it's not much of a party since I can only invite two people, but whatever he wants right?

Applejack goes first and surprise surprise, Ditzy is aging her up!

Pretty cute!
I still think that her pony tail suits her.

Next up is Fluttershy!

And apparently, this child's birthday is too loud for the non-existant neighbors.
No of this, they are the ONLY house in the whole neighborhood. It wasn't until later that I decided to turn Lancaster into a BaCC and just not include this house in it.

Here's Fluttershy before her redress.

It's Hayseed's birthday too !

Um, I'm not sure about his poor little face, hopefully he grows out of it...
Spoiler: He doesn't....

Applejack is so worn out that she passes out in her parents bed. Okay then...

Alegra, excuse me, I am trying to get a picture of Hayseed's first word being Daddy! Please move?

Invisipop #1!

O.o; oh wow....Alegra and the mail lady are being....friendly to each other? Holy crap! I had to take a phot as evidence, because I didn't believe it!

Zahir continues to be a wonderful daddy.

Twilight comes home waving her A+ around like it's gold!
True to her namesake!

After homework, she goes straight to playing with Alegra.
Really, it's nothing special, but I feel bad when I forget about the pets, so I am trying to include them more often when I can interject them.

Guess what? More birthdays!!

Spike: I wish to be handsome
Fluttershy: Fat chance....

Fluttershy cares not for your birthday, she wants the book.

Teenageer Spike.
He rolled knowledge and romance.

I grew Virginia up with him because he brought her home all the time so I thought he could have a little something something with her but you'll never see her again as he suddenly stopped bringing her home, so nevermind there.

The twins are pretty close together and are always playing together, I thought this was too cute though.

Ditzy: This photo perfectly captures the essance of the gooey melted goodness of cheese and the fluffy softness of bread. I approve of this painting.

I hope so, you painted the damn thing.

Smustle party in the living room!!
Twilight looks unsure of herself.

Pop #2!

We will end this update with Julien coming over to pick on the pregnant guy!


I only wanted four freaking kids this round but whatever...
I love alien babies, don't get me wrong, but sometimes they just come at the wrong time. This was one of those times, but hey...

Let's Doo This! 1.2

1.1 <- 1.2 -> 1.3

Welcome back to the Doo Legacy! So I walk my kids to school every morning (except Mondays when I work too early) and today there was this palm tree just filled with birds, very loud birds. My son made a quip about them being on Twitter. When we got closer I noticed they were BRIGHT green! Now we have a lot of birds here in Arizona but I have never seen birds that color outside the zoo or the pet store. Turns out, they are called Rosey Faced Lovebirds, and they are so adorable I want a couple! It was just a cool little thing that made me wish I had my camera with me because my phone just doesn't cut it for things like that. But anyways, onwards to the update!

Last time we watched as Ditzy got a rocky start, while she had walls, a roof, flooring and a bed...she didn't have luck with the whole interacting with other sims thing. However, she did manage to find herself a boyfriend in cecile_k's Zahir Florence. Not too much happened besides them woohooing outside in the yard, but hey when you don't have room in your tiny house, where else is the bed going to go?

So we start off this chapter with Ditzy's first snowfall, she's super excited obiously. It also turns out she loves the winter because whenever it snows she always rolls wants to play in it some how.

She immediantly goes outside to build herself a snowman!

Zahir is being sneaky. Though I am not entirely sure why considering Ditzy called and invited him over...

Alegra does not like Zahir and his apparently sneaky ways, she growls at him every chance she gets.

Ditzy invited him over to ask if he wanted to move in, he said yes and Ditzy was super happy about it!

With the little bit of money he brings in ($12,000 I think) we upgrade the house a little bit so there's actually room to grow around here.

Once he's moved in they waste no time getting down to it. Ditzy wasted enough of her life trying to find him, there's no sense in waiting to get engaged and married! So welcome to the family Zahir, you might loose your mind around this one.

And because what else do you do when you get married? Nothing! I opted out of sending them on a honeymoon because they are too broke for that...and I want babies like last week sooooo...yeah, my founder is not loved.

Zahir got her on the first try!

I'm telling you, this sim loves the snow, she always want snowball fights and snowmen and snowangels, it's a wonder she doesn't freeze. Just be carefuly, you are carrying a little sim so don't trow too hard!!

Ditzy's pregnancy has been mild, minus the fact she is always freaking hungry!

Ditzy: I'm eating for two now!

Yeah well, that expression is dumb because the second one is super tiny and really doesn't need that much extra intake...just saying.

Pop #1!
And in her undies. She spends a good portion of her pregnancy in her undies...not sure why.

Zahir is excited about the new addition that's on the way. He's so adorable!

Zahir: I don't see any zombies....

Ditzy: My mistake! BAM!

At least she isn't in her undies in the snow...

Pop #2, complete with magical dust!

And then nothing happened and my stupid pregnant sims mod makes her have a invisible belly for labor, booo.

It's a boy! He's got all Zahir in him. And as I said before, all babies will be given MLP names so welcome Spike to the family!

Ditzy is a pretty good mom for being a pleasure Sim, Spike never really touches the floor, which I am always shocked when it happens. Usually my sims have a baby and then dump them onto the floor to go on with their day. XD

Alegra is starting to warm up to Zahir, which is cool because while they trained her to behave in every way execpt being mean to people! I don't know what he did but it worked, so good for him!

Um what are you doing?

Ditzy: Mmmmm grilled cheese crumbs ^_^


Yes..she's licking clean a plate of rotting grilled cheese....ew.....

Well, our little nature Sim rolled the want to start a garden so with the little bit of money they had been saving I built her a green house!

Zahir wanted a telescope. I am going to regret this...

Oh look, Ditzy is pregnant again!

But Zahir still loves her even though she's fat, I mean pregnant an slacking on her slacker job! ;)

This is really just to show that Ditzy still enjoys catching bugs, she does it on her own quite often, despite all the things to do inside.

Ditzy: I still need spiders for my collection.

She is one sim I actually have their bug collection hanging up.

Pop number two comes around while playing video games with her husband. Zahir wants to be a celebrity chef by the way, don't think I mentioned that.

Shortly after her pop, it's Spikes birthday! There is much excitement in the tiny house.

And he grows up into ugly hair...but he looks a lot like his dad. Maybe it's the skin, I dunno.

Ditzy: Say "Teddy Bear"
Spike: Teddy Burr

Yay! On the first go around even lol

And then after that he sort of checks out on the whole talking thing.

And then I realized that Zahir was in the red from not playing enough and he's on the brink of loosing his mind. See? I told him....

I'm not sure, but bashing that on the floor is probably not the proper way to play with that toy.
Also, this toy is super creepy...and I never noticed until now.

Just Spike being a good little toddler!

Babytime again!
In the background Spike and Alegra are easing into a friendship.

We welcome a little girl! We named her Twilight Sparkle, and she has Ditzy's blue eyes, her skin but Zahir's brown hair.

Zahir is pretty sad, so he didn't react to the baby at all...I need to fix him.

So some father/son dancey dance time is cued! I love dancing toddlers, they are so adorable!

Alegra, despite not liking anyone who passes by, or Zahir great with the kids, as you will see.

Zahir is a good daddy too, feeding the baby and stuff.

I take it back...he dropped her on the floor and Spike stole her bottle.

Alegra is not fond of this mail lady, she has trouble every time she delivers the bills.

More undie pregnancy pops!

It's time for some birthdays! Spike is up first!

He's pretty cute, though I am starting to hate those droopy looking eyes. It doesn't look bad on Zahir but for some reason it's bad on Spike...oh well.

Up next is Twilight!

Zahir: God I'm getting old!

Aww she's pretty cute!

She seems disinteresting in walking but Zahir is determined to teach her!

Random lightning fire and Zahir is the only one who cares because he was at the damn telescope when it happened. The rain put it out so no big deal.

Apparetly Twilight doesn't want to learn any toddler skills....

Another pop!

Spike and Alegra are buddies, they are super adorable together!

And we end this update with Spike beating the snot out of his friend from school at a game and not caring that he's going to make a girl cry!


I started my BaCC too, and that'll go up between posts of this I think, since I can only post on PT every so often, it'll keep me busy or whatever XD but if you wanna check that out, just head to the archive!

Lancaster BACC: Week 1 - Seche


Look at me go! Welcome back to Lancaster people! Last week we saw the start of the city in the Zippeppli house. Over all it was pretty boring over there as Zaztra is pretty much a neat freak stuck up woman who doesn't like peachy people. She ended up giving up and calling for someone to come get her, however....the Omicrons were not who picked her up...

This week we are checking in on our married couple, Kneebo and Lo Vee Seche!

Since they are not the founder they are able to have a pre-built house and me being lazy and not wanting to do the whole house thing twice in one day, especially after my failure of a house (-coughbackgroudncough-), I opted for the cheap way out.

Lo Vee and Kneebo are super happy!

Also, I decided to get ACR and test it out for the week...just to see what happens. I had it before but I couldn't remember why I took it off. So here we go again! Maybe I set it up wrong or something...I dunno. Anyways!

First thing Kneebo does in the new house? Play in the tub! I love playful Sims and when they do this, it's super adorable.

After he plays, he opts for a romp on the couch!

And then I gave Lo Vee a bit of a make over. I decided I hated how her hair looked on her and I remembered I got ears and tails, so I added those in as well. I think she looks much better now don't you?

They are so cute!

And somebody is expecting! Boy that was fast! When they wanted to have babies they wanted to have babies, fast moving.
And yes, she has a skunk tail. I thought it was cuter and fluffier then a tiger tail...don't judge me!

Lo Vee: I didn't sign up for this....-puke-
Sadly you did...

A pipe exploded while Kneebo was treasure hunting. Lo Vee wants to open up a resturaunt of some kind and her hubby is a good hubby and just wants to get the money to let her do that! Lo Vee had to clean it up.

Invisapop numero uno!
Did I spell that right? .... >_>;

Pregnancy is hard and she is too lazy to actually cook a meal so she's snacking.

Zaztra came by to see how they were doing once she heard they were expecting. Despite the looks they were actually just doing to kiss greeting, Kneebo has no romantic intresest in her and vice versa.

Also, since I accidentally went over a little bit, Zaztra is actually pregnant too, her clothes just don't have the morph and I am coming to hate my "preg can wear anything" mod...

Kneebo takes to looking at the stars. He's a little homesick, but he's excited to be where he is.

And Lo Vee is so excited she passed out.

And Lo Vee is studying cooking so that she can open up her resturant when they have the money to buy a new plot of land.

Pop two!

Good to know that being so heavily pregnant isn't putting a damper on their love life!

Kneebo: What is that!?

That is called a cactus my fluffy alien friend! And I am pretty sure that there are no cactuses in Lancaster so where the hell is your telescope pointed at?

Lo Vee: Excuse me! I feel a discomfort here!
Hobby Guy: We would like to offer you a special....

I don't think now is the right time buddy.

I love how hobby guy is FREAKING out and Kneebo is just like "Meh".

It's a boy! He has Lo Vee's skin and eyes, but Kneebo's hair. His name is Persian.

Kneebo is super excited about the new baby.

Kneebo: Hello Persian, I am your daddy.

Lo Vee being a good mommy.

And Kneebo is drinking out of the carton like a good husband! -snort-

Kneebo is bathing the baby.

Kneebo: Where is Lo Vee? Why isn't she doing this?

Pregnancy makes her sleepy....

Whoot whoot! We found a chest! Soon they will be able to buy a lot for a nice little diner!

More cute baby stuff!

I feel bad when my ladies get bad morning sickness, I have been there and it's awful. My last baby I had it so bad I lost like twenty pounds.

After puking her lunch up and then showering because like Zaztra, she has ten neat points, she pops!

And then nothing happens and it's Perisan's birthday!

He's soooooooooooooooooooo stinking cute!!!!!!! I love him so much!

EEEEEEK! look at his widdle bittle tail!!!

So I got some smart milk and Lo Vee stopped what she was doing to make some for the baby.

I forgot about the whole.....aspiration mood thingy! Poor baby puked it up and I felt horrible for not stopping his mother.

Back to teaching.


Kneebo tries this bottle thing again.

And while Persian drinks the radio active milk his parents make out. It's no big thang.


Sorry, I haven't gushed over a toddler like this since my last Alphbecy... -pinches his cheeks-

Daddy son bonding time! So adorable! I can't help it!

Kneebo rolled a want for an ant farm so I got it for him! I love the interaction of this thing so I couldn't say no!

And I will end the week with cuteness from Kneebo!


End Week Stats
New Households: Gizzeppli & Seche

Households: 2
Community Lots: 0
Careers Unlocked: -

SM: x1
Playable Sims: 4
Total Population: 4 (4)
Babies: 0
Toddlers: 1
Children: 0
Adults: 3
Elders: 0

Deaths: 0

Welcome to Lancaster! Week 1 - Zippleppli


Hello everyone! I decided to start off a BaCC, because of simplesimphony. I stole sims and got sucked into the story and then I had to start my own. But don't worry! Ditzy won't be forgotten, I am ADD and like to jump around so she'll get played too! But anyways, onwards with the introduction post shall we?

To start off I'm sort of using a few different sets of rules and if I ever like....forget something or something, sorry...there's a LOT to remember and this is a new one for me so my bad. To start off I rolled dice to generate the number of starting families and how many would be in each, I got two households with a total of three sims. I decided to break it off into the founder and a married couple. So are you ready for scientific impossibilities? Yes? COME ON LET'S GO!!

Far far away from earth there is a war broken out between two rival systems. The Omicron Ceti System was a peaceful and advanced system, but the only planet that was able to sustain life was so far from the system's sun that it was clad in eternal darkness. However, over the years the race was able to create many advances in may fields and became very adept at agriculture. Their planet and their race grew in peace. The other system was called the Theta Maxis System (see what I did there?) and it was a rowdy place to live. The animal-like citizens of the system were fierce and war mongelling. They were consumed with taking over other planets and enslaving the races. Their military was unrivaled and no planet or system they decided to take over ever stood a chance. But their race was dying...their people were so caught up in mastering the art of war that few took the time to learn to harvest their lands, even fewer were able to reproduce, and the life expantancy of a Maxian was short. Those who did not die in war would die of starvation or would be murdered for the clothes on their backs. Thus the war began...the Maxians wanted what the Omicrons had, but the Omicrons would not give it up.

But not all wanted war, there were a few who wished to live in peace. Our founders are amoung those few who struck out to find a new place to live, a new system where they could live together in peace and prosperity. They wanted to find a way to live together and so....they found Lancaster. A small foresty island on Earth, a planet within the Milky Way. This is where our story bigins....

Yay for long intro posts!

This is our founder Zatzra Gizzeppli. She is a scholar from Omicron Ceti. She moved here to Lancaster to get away from the death and distruction and to continue to learn all she can.

This is Kneebo and Lo Vee Seche, they are from Theta Maxis, are married and just want to start a family in peace. They came to Lancaster with Zaztra to have babies.

It was at this point that I forgot their ears and tails so that'll be fixed in their update! We are kicking this off with Zaztra.

To start us off, I show you my failed attempt at a alien-ish house. It's lame and very blue but whatever.....

And I placed it on a beach lot since i have never had one before. Zaztra spends all her free time watching the tide. I like to think she's thinking of home or maybe she's trying to figure out how to make life work here, or perhaps she's just loves sand in her bum.

And true to her species, Zaztra starts her garden, if they could grow food on a planet with no sun, how hard could it be here? Unfortunately, she's not a true nature sim, but it is what I force her into anyways.

And since she can't work, she will be making her money from paintings and whatever she can dig up in the yard, at least until she can buy a community lot. Zaztra will be owning the local grocery store or farmers market, not sure which one yet. It wasn't until after I created my backstory did I remember that simplesimphony's founder started similar...oops, sorry!

Mac and cheese has been made with no fires! Hoorah!! I love her, she's perfect.

First Earlthing to happen upon their settlement is Joel Veilleux (simplesimphony) and they decide to watch tv togehter.

Side note: I am still in the process of setting up this neighborhood so I only have two creators worth of Sims added in. I will be putting more in as we go so forgive the redunancy of names for a few updates. Sorry guys!

They seem to be hitting it off! I'm super excited, Joel is supha sexah!

Yeah...okay then, never that way then.

Zaztra: He's not blonde, and he's so....peach.........

Oh get over it!! You need to breed outside your species, do you see any other Omicrons around here? No? There you stuck up.

In order to try and get her some money to finish her garden, aka plant some tomates, I make her dig in the yard for treasure. First try and she hits a pipe and freaks out! And then freaks out further when her enviroment plummets completely. She has 10 neat points so she's totally useless after that...

Despite her enviroment being practically nonexistant, she decided to play with the pack leader.

She cooked lunch and then had to clean everything the dirty plate touched. The counter, the stove, the sink after she washed dishes..... ten neat points everyone!

Zeztra: Excuse me! I can not speak with this peach person (August by cecile_k) until I clean this yard.

Yeah...there's one hole from treasure hunting....

She can't handle it...she's a pain in my ass...

Zaztra: Hmm....I don't think he'll do either, he is once again, too peachy...

She's so freaking picky. So I refreshed my knowlege, she likes logical blondes, he is neither I suppose.

So instead of interacting with him...she decided to try and get more money.

I dunno what's wrong with her August, I think you're adorable!

Left to her own devices, she decided to sunbathe. She has an obsession with the beach and I can't keep her off of it. Things can't possibly go wrong right? she tanned....or burnt? I decided she is tanned and boy does Omicron skin not like the sun. I guess that happens when you live in a world of eternal night your whole life huh?

So after she sunbathes, she's off to find seashells.

Hello awkward Social Bunny!

Seems like my mod has gone arye! I got it long long time ago and never got a social bunny to test it because I forgot. much for sexy social bunnies...I'm actually disappointed. Oh well I guess.

But on a game note, guess this is what happens when you have no interest in anyone that walks by because you're too stuck up.

And you slap her! SHE'S BLONDE!!!!! And you slap her! .....

How mean, she came to help cheer you up and you made her cry.
After that she got into a fight and kicked social bunny' ass, and then bunny left so yeah.

And then cecile_k's Mikasa Cadwell wanders by but Zeztra is still thinking about the bunny. Also, I am sad her antlers went all....borky...I love them and they are so cute but mer...

She's cute though! And blonde, so maybe Zeztra has a shot at this one!

Or maybe not, Mikasa wants to set her up on a date.

Well.....he's not peach....but no no no....-sigh-

So I gave up and decided to let her just summon some aliens. I like to think she's bored out of her mind and wants to go home.

So uh...I looked over to check on the garden and apparently she got abducted when I wasn't looking. Guess I deserve that since I was on x3. Oops..

Apparently who ever picked her up doesn't want her either, so they drop her ass back off just in time to call it a week!

Zeztra:WHO DOES THAT?! Not MY people!!

But over all it was a good experiance.


And that marks the end of Zeztra's week! I sort of went over into Tuesday, oops, but I didn't include pictures for those two days, my bad. But anyways, next time we will check in on Seche family,their week was much much MUCH more exciting.

Let's Doo This!

1.1 -> 1.2

Hello everyone! This is the first ever legacy to be posted on this account and boy am I excited! I used to post legacies on another account, but due to a few issues I can't post there any more so I had to make a new one and pretty much start all over. Not that it matters anyways, I would have to start over anyways, I got a new computer and didn't have any of my sims soooo yeah, doesn't matter anyhoos!

So hello, hello and hello!

This legacy is just going to be a basic pixel_trade legacy...sort of, I might marry in townies, I will more then likely have more then two sims per creator, and the only thing that makes it PT is the sims that dominate my neighborhood. Soooooooooo that's all I have to say on the matter. I will hopefully be posting another legacy soon, I want to retry an old challenge again that got eated by my old computer but at the moment I'm sucked into this one! Let's go....DOO it!! -ha-

Minor Warning:  Some screencaps in this place are awful, it's been a while since I had to do this so please excue it while I get my footing back.

Meet Ditzy Doo! She will be the founder for our first legacy! She is inspired (and named after) one of my favorite My Little Ponies, and as such, every baby in this legacy will be named after a pony. Why? Because why not? It sounded like a good idea at the time and has actually produced some amusing names. But here's some details!

Ditzy Doo
Pleasure / Grilled Cheese
Become a Professional Party Guest
2 / 5 / 4 / 7 / 7

Please pardon her eyes, she likes to look two places at once, but don't think she's stupid because she looks it sometimes!
Er...actually...forget I said that........................

I forgot how hard making a legacy house was....luckily, Ditzy is sort of oblivous to how horrible her home actually is.

Ditzy: Oh! Butterflies!

She discovered right away that she is a nature sim! So butterflies distract her.

Butterfly spam. Usually I get birdwatching but not Ditzy, she was starting this off right!!!


Here's her tiny house on the inside by the way, somehow she got flooring AND a bed, it's usually one or the other. But I sort of cheated.....her shower is CC and it's cheap....but she really really really needed it.

Sometime after she moved in, her neighbors came to visit, the first to show up is Julien Cooke, he is sort of the guardian of my townie making lot...aka he is the bush guard (that sounds horrible). I figured since he roams around a lot I should try and make his face pretty....I said try....

More people, I don't remember the girl's name, she only hung out this one time and Ditzy didn't really spend that much time with her.....

And this is why.....more butterflies.

Ditzy: Ooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Pretty butterfly!

Ditzy needs money so I send her to find a job.

Ditzy: What exactly is a "test subject"?

Um.......they test.......stuff? Just shut up and take the career, you need money and slacker isn't an option right now. She gets the science career and we call it a day.

Not really, this dog (Max I think), stopped by and distracted the nature sim from other humans.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd she spends her very last (literally) dollar on a treat for the damn stray.........
I hate you.....Not that $1 is a lot but COME ON!!!

Ditzy: Who's a good boy?
Max: I am!!
Ditzy: Yes you are! Oh yes, you're a good boy!

-sigh- Your simgod hates you.

No matter what I did, she just wanted to play with the, I caved and let her...not like any of those sims were potential loves anyways. I would let her adopt Max but he's got this weird....floating hair thig and it would irritate me far too much so he leaves eventually and never returns. Sorry Ditzy!

Ditzy: Since I can't have a dog, I'll just eat my loneliness away!

That's right sweety, just drown it in TV dinners because you have no counter space, no cooking skills, and only a toaster oven. Please don't kill yourself trying to drown your sorrows...

This was soley because she looks freaking hilarious while she's eating!

Ditzy: Waf joo tawkin bout?

Back outside, Ditzy finally has some more human interaction.

Julien: No body actually likes parfaits.
Ditzy: I like parfaits....

Dudebro......I can't remember his name since he had a weird one (I think) so he's now Dudebro from here out and until he's gone. (Obviously he's not important enough to remember his name). Anyways! Ditzy actually attached herself to Dudebro and they bonded pretty quick, mostly because Julien is a dick and Miss Black girl was a snob. They played rock, paper, scissors for a long time before I sent them all away.

Ditzy promptly went inside to write about her experiances in her journal........with a scalpel......I forgot about the scapel pen.

Seriously...this thing is NOT a pen, it's like a scapel / steak knife / pen hybrid or some crap like that!!!

After she finished I sent her to study cleaning for her job, which she has to do standing up because she has no chairs and can't sit on the floor apparently. Cleaning is sort of a foriegn concept to her....she's a bit messy.

Off to find out what a "test subject" is....

Oh look! Bills you were barely able to pay, but thankfully you just got home from work,

Okay, so I was mad because she never got her invite down town so I decided to just send her. It was about then that I my being a lazy ass, I never attached a downtown sooooooo oops. I left, came back, and then we sent her on her merry way.

And what's the first thing she does?


Ditzy: You know who is good at Pinball? Ditzy.
Dudebro: Why are you talking about yourself in third person?
Ditzy: Because Ditzy is really good at pinball and she would like to show you.
Dudebro: Um..........

Ditzy: OMG are you serious?! That was so NOT a tilt!

Bijou (cecile_k) happened by, finally a freaking PT sim right?! She brought up the weater and Ditzy looked confused.

Bijou: How about that storm?
Ditzy: It's not raining in here.....

While they were here, Ditzy rolled the want to eat out with someone, so her and Dudebro decided to have dinner together.

Ditzy: Can you play Smile?
DJ: What's that?
Ditzy: Nevermind!

/smustle spam
Poor Ditzy looks so awkward. I love that I gave her a derp eye and she just derps anyways, it was just meant to be.

Grumpy old bat....she has a serious drinking problem....not to mention the being a bitch problem. But poor Ditzy is not aware of this little tidbit.

Ditzy: She seems bummed out....

Ditzy: I know, I'll hug her!!!

Unfortunately, her trying to hug the old crazy lady just ended with her getting scolded...

They eventaully leave and head back to Ditzy's place to do whatever it is they are doing. This dude is like >_< bleh but Ditzy is smitten with him, sort of....she's not heart farting all over him but she has been rolling wants to hang and talk to him all night.

No! NO! Ew no!!!
I am not having this! Stop it right this instance!

He started it! One second they were dancing and then he was dipping her and sneaking in kisses! GET OUT!

It's okay I guess....she's more interested in cookies anyways.

And fireflies....she's easily distracted by bugs, not even cookies hold her full attention for very long. This girl is like so ADD, I can't get her to focus to save my life.

A new doggy wanders onto her lot and of course she feels the need to greet it. This is Alegra and she's a pain in the ass, but Ditzy loves her even more then Max and she's not all glitched looking like Max was so there's that!

Ditzy buiilds a relationship with her new furry friend while she's waiting for her ride to work.

Alegra is very fond of Ditzy actually, I've never seen a stray attack a walkby (who is day dreaming about how sexy Ditzy is with her derp eye and her white lab coat).

Unfortunately....this dog is a pain in the ass. She stayed on the lot the whole time Ditzy was at work, digging holes, knocking down the trash can, rolling in garbage and attacking walking sims for no reason...

There's a lot going on here....Alegra had knocked the trash over and after a bad chance card, Ditzy came home with a demotion. However, she was too distracted by the smell of the trash and the dog to really care.

Ditzy: Oh geeze, what is that awful smell.
Alegra: *I don't smell anything awful*

We interrupt this bit of cleaning to bring you the delayed reaction of being demoted...just let it all out Ditzy, it'll be alright sweety.

Ditzy: I don't want to be a test subject again -cries uncontrollably-

Yeah'll get over it, just pick up the trash before you get roaches.

Pain. In. The. Ass!

Okay....I know she's a pain but she doesn't have to sleep out in the rain! Ditzy can't afford to buy you a bed poor puppy....-sadface-
Did I mention she adopted Alegra? I didn't....okay well she did. Despite the dog being gross, destructive, and aggressive as hell...Ditzy loved her so she got to be added to the family. Hope she doesn't starve because this family is broke as heck.

See? They are cute together...despite Ditzy's sudden need to be in her undies all the damn time (you will see....). But she can't play with Alegra all day, she has to work and she has to find a husband! So after a day at work I send her back down town to find something....anything.....ANYTHING other then Dudebro!!

Being a fun-loving girl she decided to take some silly pictures! I admittedly love photobooth pictures! I usually have them everywhere in my houses.

She also got a cell phone.....that she never uses because no one ever calls her and I've never had a cell in the game before so when she needs to call I make her use the house phone. Ooops.

Now, scope out a male for baby production.....I mean love.

It was about this time that I realized I put too few PT sims into my neighborhood and exited and started work on collecting more and actually putting them in. I went through a lot (not all) of cecile_k's sims and put a bunch in! But that's in, I sort of work in groups so my game doesn't keput on me again. Sad this is I'm going to have to townify them all again because I am thinking of doing a BaCC in another neighborhood....I will eventually add more people's sims, I am just lazy and I can admit it.

Ditzy came home and filled the bowl on her own, it was about then I noticed that Alegra was nowhere to be found. I have no idea if she ran away or the game went retarded and she just poofed.

Ditzy was quite distressed so she started looking for her beloved dog. Unfortunately she got distracted by migraiting ducks or something of the like,

Eventually Alegra did come back and I had to re-adopt her for some whatever, Ditzy is happy again!
But she doesn't get much time to spend with her puppy, she needs to go back and bag a husband. Hopefully after I have added a bagillion (just cecile_k's for the time) sims she'll have better luck finding something sexy!

Snowflake!! Snowflake Mulberry is the first man she sees and I think he's super adorable so I send her over to meet and check him out.

Unfortunately we do not agree on his adorableness....

So next one I find is Zahir Florence (cecile_k). Ditzy is sent to greet him and even though they just met, they hug. POTENTAL ANYONE?

Ditzy says he's a hottie so Zahir it is! About damn time!

Well, that happened pretty fast. Apparently Ditzy is quite charming and I had no idea.

Ditzy: OMG I really love soup.....
Zahir: -focusfocus-

Ditzy isn't the best bowler in the world....she's very awkward...

But she does okay.

Eventually she asks him to go on a date, yes after wanting to bowl....good job Ditzy.

So I let them grab some food in the bowling alley, sexy first date right. We'll see if he doesn't run in fear and disgust after she starts to eat.

He doesn't seem grossed out at all.

So girly Zahir.......
So girly....

Nothing says good date like bashing each others brains in with pillows at a bowling alley arcade right?

As soon as she walks in the door, Zahir calls her and wants to invite her back downtown....okay I guess.

Off she goes on another date, please don't pass out....

They don't stay very long at the place before Ditzy invites him back to her place. Zahir of course agrees, so back to the house they go.

And they both wanted to woohoo so I bought her a cheap double bed and put it outside just so they could.

First woohoo. Ditzy fell asleep but he got back up.

Ditzy woke up long enough to get a kiss goodbye before she crawled back into bed and passed back out.

This is just to show how awkward she sleeps....

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